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Auction, Tenders & Expression of interest

Current opportunities for auctions, tenders and expression of interest for services and goods for the Embassy of Denmark in Dar es Salaam. Opportunities listed are for administrative and operational services only. Other consultancy and professional services are listed elsewhere in accordance with MFA guidelines.



Public Announcement

The Embassy wish to inform the public that a sales agreement for Plot 341B in Oysterbay has been signed and is therefore currently undergoing transfer process.

Public Announcement - Click to open

General procurement guidelines and rules

The overall aim for the Embassy's administration is to ensure procurement and sales on market terms and to ensure an economically justifiable administration. 

In order to accommodate the Public Procurement Act's objective of lowest possible tendering cost for contracting entities as well as for suppliers, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has estimated acquisitions with an estimated value below DKK 250,000 net of VAT made by units or missions to have "no certain cross-border interest". For all acquisitions between DKK 250,000 and DKK 1,072,094 net of VAT a specific assessment of whether the acquisitions have got "certain cross-border interest" must be made on a case-by-case basis.

If a specific acquisition does not have "certain cross-border interest" it must still be ensured that the acquisition takes place on market terms andin accordance with the principles of administrative law, such as objectivity and economically justifiable administration.

Purchases under DKK 250,000
Subjected to competition on market terms

Purchases between DKK 250,000 - the thresholds3 without certain cross-border interest
Subjected to competition on market terms

Purchases between DKK 250,000 - the thresholds with certain cross-border interest
Subjected to competition through advertisement

Purchases over the thresholds
Subjected to competition through EU procurement

Inventory: Auction - Public Sale of Embassy Inventory 

Surplus inventory is regularly offered for public auction via the below mentioned auction firm. Please contact this firm for auction dates and further details:

Universal Auction Centre
Mr Manaseh S. Mwana
Managing Partner/Auctioneer
Mobile: +255754 284 926

Embassy Contact

All correspondence to be sent to [email protected].