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Getting married in Mauritius

Below you can read about the legal requirements Danish citizens have to fulfil in order to be able to marry in Mauritius.

Photocopies of the following documents must be submitted at least 6 weeks before you are due to travel:

  • Birth certificates
  • Valid 10 year passports
  • Full names, addresses and occupations
  • If divorced, Decree Absolute (if the wife has been divorced for less than 10 months at the time of your wedding, a medical certificate to confirm that she is not pregnant must be obtained in Mauritius)
  • If widowed, Death Certificate of former spouse and previous marriage certificate
  • If your name has been changed by Deed Poll, the legal proof thereof.

Originals of all these documents must be in your possession when you leave for Mauritius.


The “Civil Status Act” states that marriages of non-residents can take place the day following publication of banns of marriage.


However, the couple must obtain a certificate issued by the Prime Minister’s Office and given to the Registrar of Civil Status Officer stating that they are not Mauritian citizens or Mauritian residents. This certificate can be obtained beforehand by sending a request to the Registrar of Civil Status, 7th Floor, Emmanuel Anquetil Building, Port Louis. (230) 201 1727, (230) 211 2420. The document must be accompanied by 2 birth certificate copies of both spouses and of their passports (first three pages), as well as any other document in cases of divorce or widowhood.


Request for a non-resident certificate must reach the Civil Status Office at least 10 days before date set for marriage. Marriage can take place in the presence of a Civil Status Officer at the Registrar of Civil Status or at the hotel.


Catholics wishing to get married in Mauritius are requested to contact the Port Louis Diocese to obtain the necessary information. (230) 208 3068, (230) 208 6607.