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Danish passports

From 1 January 2012, Denmark has introduced the biometric passport. This means that only the embassy in Dar es Salaam can process passport applications. 

Danes living in Tanzania for a long period of time should note that it is still possible to obtain a Danish passport if you go back to Denmark on vacation.

In case of theft

If your passport has been stolen, you need to notify the local police and submit a preliminary police report in original and in copy to the embassy in order to get a new passport.

For applicants under 18

For applicant under the age of 18 the guardian(s) must sign the application. Both parents have to sign if they share custody. The embassy (or consulate if child is under 12) can require documentation for custody. If one of the parents is deceased, a death certificate must be shown. If one of the parents is outside Tanzania, the filled out form must be sent to the parent, who will then need to sign in the presence of the Danish embassy/police.

To work out whether you or your child qualify for Danish nationality, please read information from the Nationality Division of the Ministry of Justice here (in Danish).