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Going to Tanzania

These pages inform Danish citizens about the necessary preparations before travelling to Tanzania.

If you are well prepared, you can avoid a lot of trouble during your stay in Tanzania. The Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) keeps a travel guide (rejsevejledning) for Tanzania updated in Danish. We recommend that you read it before you go. MoFA has furthermore in cooperation with others made a travel guide for young adults with useful tips and information (in Danish).


At the Danish MoFA's "Borgerservice"-site, you can read more general information in Danish about insurances, medication, pets etc. when travelling.

Statens Serium Institut (SSI)

Regarding vaccinations, you can read more at Statens Serum Institut. Their webpage provides suggestions depending on the length and type of your stay in Tanzania.

Register yourself

We recommend all Danes to register while travelling in Tanzania through the List of Danes (Danskerlisten). Doing this will enable the MoFA to get in touch with you in case of an emergency. Most Danes go to Tanzania without experiencing any problems. Should you, however, find yourself in a situation where you need help, you can find out more about how the Danish Embassy and the consulates in Tanzania can help you under Emergency in the left-side menu.