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Press Release: Danish Delegation Conducted Consultations in Tanzania

30.11.2018  14:00

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A high-level delegation from the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs has completed a 2-day visit in Tanzania. The visit was part of an on-going review of Danish development cooperation with Tanzania prompted by the gradual worsening of the human rights situation and the shrinking of civic space in the country. Following a series of negative events, the Danish Minister for Development Cooperation decided to withhold until further notice a payment of 65 mill. DKK to the Tanzanian Government and to conduct a thorough review of the situation, including consultations in Denmark, EU and Tanzania.

During the visit in Tanzania, the delegation had consultations with the Government of Tanzania, members of the opposition, and representatives from civil society, the media and religious leaders as well as international development partners. During the meetings with Government, the delegation underlined that Denmark has been a strong partner to Tanzania for more than 50 years. The delegation expressed concern for human rights and democracy, including shrinking political and civic space, women’s rights and protection of the LGBTI community as well as repressive laws. The delegation strongly encouraged the Government to deliver concrete improvements on these issues. It was agreed to keep the dialogue open. The Danish delegation made it clear that the current review would continue over the coming months, where the situation on the ground would be monitored closely in dialogue with partners in Tanzania and Denmark. This would assist in determining whether and in what form the funds would eventually be disbursed.