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Danida Business

Developing countries need an enabling envrionment for the private sector to create economic growth, one of the preconditions for effective poverty alleviation. Read here about Danida Business Instruments.

It is a strategic priority in Danish development cooperation to work for a stronger private sector. For Danida, it is important that Danish businesses participate actively in this endeavour. The Department for Growth and Employment is the entry-point for companies to Danish development assistance. Below you can find brief information on the various programmes designed to motivate companies to get involved in social and economic development.

Danida Business Delegations

Danida Business Delegations facilitates export business promotions in developing countries in response to local development needs. The Danida Business Delegations facility is available in countries with a GNI below USD 3,300 per capita in 2015. Read more here.

Danida Business Explorer

Danida Business Explorer provides financial support to Danish companies interested in investigating a specific business opportunity in a developing country. Read more about Danida Business Explorer here.

Danida Business Finance

Danida Business Finance (DBF) can provide access to finance and can leverage finance for sustainable infrastructure in developing countries based on the countries’ development strategies, delivering measureable results toward the SDGs that creates growth and employment in developing countries. Read more about Danida Business Explorer here.

Danida Market Development Partnerships

The overall objective of Danida Market Development Partnerships is to contribute to sustainable economic growth and employment in developing countries through partnerships that combine knowledge from several actors and engage the private sector in development cooperation. Read more about Danida Market Development Partnerships here.

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