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Eurpean Elections: How to vote from abroard

28.02.2019  12:13

Citizens, who stay abroad but will return to Denmark within two years of their departure, can vote. Likewise, citizens who work abroad for a Danish institution or company, students and those working for a Danish charity organization may maintain their right to vote under certain conditions.

In order to vote, you have to apply in the Danish municipality you lived in before moving out of the country. Your application needs to be processed at least seven days before election day, so make sure to apply in due time, as it might take a while. Once on the voting list, you can vote in person or by mail via the Danish embassies and consulates abroad. Remember to bring an ID and be in good time if you vote by mail, as it needs to arrive in Denmark before election day.

Check here for more information on how to vote from a country outside the EU.

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