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Road sector history and results

Danish support began in the late 1980ies. From 1997 onwards Danish support has been in the form of sector support.

Danida’s support to roads in Tanzania historically falls in four periods:

  1. A project based period that included assistance to the reorganisation of rural roads, rehabilitation of the 254 km Chalinze-Segera-Tanga road, and general road maintenance capacity in Tanga and the coast region. In the period from 1989 to 1997, Danish support to the road sector amounted to approximately DKK 500 million.
  2. The first phase of Sector Programme Support began in 1997. Results from this phase included the building of the important 56 km section of Tanzania-Zambia (Tanzam) highway between Dar es Salaam and Mlandizi, improvement of 225 km of regional roads, improvement of 201 km of district roads, and technical assistance to regional managers and district engineers. By the end of phase 1 in 2001, Danish support amounted to approximately DKK 464 million.
  3. The second phase of general support began in 2001. Results from this phase included 129 km of Tanzam highway between Chalinze and Melela, improvement of 640 km of regional roads, 718 km of district roads and 254 km of village roads and tracks. Results also included technical assistance and administration of road fund money to the relevant authorities. Danish support in phase 2 amounted to DKK 513 million by the end of the phase in 2006.
  4. Third and current phase began in 2006. Results from this phase include maintenance of 500 km of regional roads and support to the development of a sustainable road sector management called Local Roads. Local Roads aims to support the improvement of approximately 1,000 km of district roads. Results from phase 3 furthermore include the introduction of a fuel levy to fund improvement of roads in Tanzania. The budget for the current phase is DKK 500 million.

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