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Road Sector

Good roads give more opportunities. Danish support aims to achieve economical growth, protect the environment and ease transportation in a self-sustainable way. From the late 1980ies until today, Danida has supported the Tanzanian road sector with more than DKK 1.9 billion (c. USD 338 million).


Photo: Staff from The Embassy of Denmark and Aarsleff-Interbeton visits the new TANZAM highway at Iringa with a Danish tv-reporter.

Roads and transport have high priority in Tanzania’s National Strategy for Growth and Reduction of Poverty (Mkukuta).

A well-functioning road network at all levels is seen as a precondition for economic growth and social development. Keeping the main roads in good condition saves money for the users and thereby improves the national economy; maintaining the local roads ensures basic access to social services for the rural population and provides opportunity for increase in agricultural production.

Denmark’s Road Sector Programme support helped to underpin the Tanzanian government’s road sector reforms. The reforms aimed to establish sustainable national and local road networks through user-financed road maintenance, efficient road sector institutions, maintenance systems, contractor training, environmental awareness, as well as maintenance, rehabilitation and upgrading of prioritised road links.

How was Denmark involved?

From the late 1980ies, Danida has supported the Tanzanian road sector with more than DKK 1.9 billion (c. USD 338 million). The road sector programme support, which in all phases was provided as grants is phased out by 2013. Beside the road sector programme support, Denmark supported concessionary credits, including support for rehabilitation of a 150 km section of the Tanzania-Zambia Highway located between Ikokota and Iringa. The contract was completed by mid 2011. A contract agreement for continuing the rehabilitation from Iringa to Mafinga c. 60 km was signed mid 2011 with a value of approx DKK 285 million. That contract was completed by mid 2013.

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