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Country Policy Paper 2014-2018

The Embassy of Denmark in Tanzania is happy to present the new Country Policy Paper for the corporation with Tanzania in 2014-2018.

Do you want to know, what the partnership between Denmark and Tanzania will contain for the next four years?
Then read our new country policy paper. You can find it at the right side of the page (see links).

The paper presents the Danish Government’s view of the current and emerging challenges and opportunities in Tanzania, as well as strategic objectives for the continued partnership for 2014-2018. It is developed in close corporation with the Government of Tanzania.

What is the vision? 

The overall vision for the partner­ship with Tanzania is to enable all Tanzanians to take an active part in the country’s development and to ensure a continuation of its long history of peaceful coexistence, democracy and development. With this overall objective, the three main strategic objectives of Denmark’s cooperation with Tanzania are to assist and promote the Tanzanian government’s efforts to:

1. Reduce poverty and inequality and to ensure equal access of quality social services,
2. Promote inclusive green growth and employment, and
3. Strengthen democracy, good governance, rule of law and respect for all human rights.

What should be supported?

In order to achieve the strategic objectives, special attention are given to the following focus areas:

a. The health sector,
b. The agricultural sector,
c. The demand to ensure good governance and human rights for all,
d. Regional peace and stability.

New ways

Development cooperation will continue to be a major element of the partnership, but Danish-Tanzanian partnership will also be strengthened in other areas, notably within commercial relations and political cooperation, both regionally and globally.


Links to Country Policy:

English Version
Danish Version

Kiswahili Version