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Health Sector

Denmark has supported the Tanzanian health sector for decades, since 1996 the support has been provided through the long-term Health Sector Programme support. The current fifth phase of Danida's Health Sector Programme Support (HSPS phase V) 2015-2019/20 has a total budget of DKK 550 million (USD 80,5 million). The programme continues supporting a number of focal elements from the precious phases (HSPS phase IV), which includes efforts to strengthen the national health system, and improving equity and quality in the provision of health services.

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Why is Denmark supporting the health sector?

HSPS Phase V focuses on improving health care for women, children and vulnerable groups and aims to contributing with reducing poverty and inequality.

How is Denmark supporting the health sector?

The Danish support to health in Tanzania is divided in to two components.

Component 1: Health Basket Fund (HBF)

The major part of the Danish funds will be channelled through the Health Basket Fund to support Tanzania’s Health Sector Strategic Plan (HSSP IV). Denmark has been contributing to the basket fund since the start of the HBF in 1999. The HBF is providing pooled donor funds to the health sector in Mainland Tanzania and is regarded as the most effective and most aligned way of supporting the Government of Tanzania’s (GoT) efforts of improving the overall health in Tanzania. The engagement seeks to improve access to quality primary health care services for the poor.

The budget for the component is DKK 300 million (c. USD 44 million) over the course of five years.

Read the Development Engagement Document for Health Sector Support through the Health Basket Fund (pdf) and the Memorandum of Understanding for the Health Basket Fund between the Government of Tanzania and Development Partners (pdf) here

Component 2: Public-Private Partnership (PPP)

Additionally, Denmark gives targeted support to strengthen the cooperation between public and private partners, with the aim of stimulating and increasing the private sector’s active involvement in promoting access, availability and quality in health services. A large and growing share of health care provision is undertaken by the private sector. PPP targets institutions that enhance responsive and equitable health care provision with a strong public health focus, rather than profit-driven privatization.  PPP HSPS phase V supports Sikika, Association of Private Health Facilities in Tanzania (APHFTA), Christian Social Services Commission (CSSC), Marie Stopes Tanzania (MST) and Comprehensive Community Based Rehabilitation in Tanzania (CCBRT).

The budget for the component is DKK 200 million (c. USD 29 million) over the course of five years.

Unallocated funds:
HSPS phase V has a total budget of DKK 550 million of which DKK 50 million (c. USD 7.3 million) are un-allocated. A part of the DKK 50 million may be programmed for health on Zanzibar after completion of HSPS phase IV in 2017.


HSPS phase V contributes to Tanzania’s national targets in regard to: 

  • Reducing population growth from 2.9% p.a. (2002) to 2.7% p.a. in 2015.
  • Reducing the maternal mortality ratio from 454 per 100,000 live births(2010) to 265 per 100,000 live births by 2015.
  • Increase in the proportion of births attended by skilled health  personnel from 50.6% (2010) to 80% (2015)
  • Decline in the total fertility rate from 5.4 (2010) to 5 by 2015.
  • Reduction in the proportion of districts with fewer than 3 nurses/midwives per 10,000 population from 55% (2012) to 34% (2015).