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The world shares a responsibility to solve global environmental problems and to limit climate change. Danida has therefore put environment as a special priority because degradation of the environment threatens to destroy emerging development. Rapid growth without protection of the environment will impact the poorest people and may jeopardise growth in the long run.

Planting trees - by Mikkel Oestergaard 


Why is Denmark involved in environment?

If global warming is not curbed, climate change will lead to more natural disasters, growing scarcity of resources, substantial migration and conflicts in the world’s poorest areas. The same applies if natural resources are depleted or if growth is not coupled with environmental protection. Large segments of the populations in developing countries are directly dependent on natural resources to secure the livelihood of their families. This makes them particularly vulnerable to environmental degradation and climate changes.


How is Denmark involved in environment?

Denmark has supported Tanzania in the field of environment for many years. Currently Danish support falls in two categories

  • Urban Environmental Management, where Denmark supports municipalities to introduce environmental planning and management, including development of environmental profiles, establishment of working groups with participants from municipalities, civil society and private sector. Currently Denmark is supporting the municipalities of Tanga, Mwanza, Arusha, Kigoma, Mtwara and Dodoma in the Tanzania Strategic Cities Program, together with the World Bank.
  • Natural Resources Management supporting forests and wetlands.
    Danish support to forestry involves communities and other stakeholders in forest management. It contributes to a comprehensive reform of Tanzania’s forest administration and management. Denmark and other development partners are currently working with the government of Tanzania to establish a joint program on Decentralized Natural Resource Management that also includes local communities and stakeholders.
    The current support to Sustainable Wetlands Management aims at (i) Wise-use principals being applied in selected wetlands; and (ii) A national level framework and support functions for sustainable wetland management in operation. Wetlands will also become an integrated part of Decentralised Natural Resource Management.

Danidas Environment Sector Programme Support runs from 2007-2012 and has an overall budget of DKK 180 million (c. USD 32.3 million).