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Danida Business Partnerships

The Danida Business Partnerships (DBP) Programme under the DANIDA umbrella supports long term commercially viable partnerships between Tanzanian and Danish companies. From August 2011 the former Business-to-Business (B2B) and Innovative Partnerships for Development (IPD) Programmes were replaced by the DBP programme.

Who can apply?

The DBP Programme is created in order to generate economic growth and reduce poverty. This is achieved through support to long-term, committed partnerships between Tanzanian and Danish companies who have a common, commercially viable business activity.

Project ideas may originate from either Tanzanian companies having a need for teaming up with a foreign technology partner or from a Danish partner seeing new business opportunities in the East African region.

Besides the commercial sustainability, any project will be appraised against its positive developmental contribution as for example job creation, contribution to the local society, utilization of green technology, enhancement of value chain linkages, gender equality and women’s empowerment, export generating activities, focus on environmental improvements, CSR initiatives a.o.

There are, in principle, no sector specific limitations, but the DBP Programme support will be directed towards those projects and partnerships yielding the biggest developmental benefits. Project ideas having a regional focus in supporting the economic integration in East Africa will have a particular priority.

What can you apply for?

The DBP Programme can support the establishment and realisation of partnerships through grants for a.o.:

  • Partner identification and match making of companies
  • Study visits
  • Preparatory analysis and studies
  • Testing out the business model
  • Transfer of know-how
  • Technical assistance, training and management support
  • Export promotion
  • Improvement of working conditions and CSR initiatives
  • Improvement of internal and external environmental measures

For examples on Danish investments and key potential sectors for investment in Tanzania, please see the Business Development Profile for Tanzania.


Derrick Mutalemwa Katunzi 
DANIDA Business Partnerships Programme Coordinator
Ghana Avenue
P.O. Box 9171
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania