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Internships at the Embassy 


Deadline: Sunday 16th of September

There are continuously three interns at the Danish Embassy in Dar es Salaam. Now and in the Spring 2018 the Embassy will have intern positions within Good Governance and Communication, Health Sector and Macroeconomic and Trade Council Affairs.

To be considered as an intern at the Danish Embassy in Tanzania you have to be either a Danish citizen or a non-Danish citizen enrolled at a higher Danish education institution. In order for a non-Danish citizen to become an intern at the Danish Embassy in Tanzania, it is also a requirement to be resident in Denmark at the application deadline and that you have lived in Denmark at least 3 years.

About the Health Sector Internship

Are you interested in learning more about all levels of the health sector of a low income country? As an intern in the Health team you will be part of the day-to-day work implementing the Danish Health Sector Programme Support V in Tanzania. You will be working with managing the support to the join donor fund known as the Health Basket Fund, and the support to five private organisations/NGO's, the latter with a view to promoting Public-Private Partnerships (PPP).

Click here to view the Health job posting

About the Good Governance and Communication internship

Do you wish to contribute to the Good Governance Programme in Tanzania? Do you have an interest in monitoring a political situation where power dynamics are changing? Are you motivated by effective communication of Danish development assistance to both a Danish and Tanzanian audiance? If so, the position as Good Governance and Communication intern at the Embassy of Denmark in Dar es Salaam could be of interest to you.

Click here to view the Good Governance & Communication job posting

About the Macroeconomic Analysis and Trade Council Internship

Are you interested in working with international development in Africa and do you have a special interest in macroeconomics and Danish private sector involvement in Tanzania? Then an internship as part of the Macroeconomic & Trade Council Team at the Danish Embassy in Dar es Salaam may interest you. You will be a part of the Macroeconomic team with some affiliation to the Trade Council team.  

Click here to view the Macroeconomic Analysis & Trade Council job posting