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Making legal aid accessible for the marginalized and vulnerable

16.12.2015  13:51

For many poor women, going to court to settle a dispute is not feasible. Simply buying the bus ticket from the village will be an economic burden, and hiring a lawyer is simply beyond their economical means. They are hindered from accessing the juridical system simply because of lack of capacity and resources.  To ensure that the marginalised and vulnerable also gets access to justice, the Moshi-based NGO KWIECO offers legal aid services and paralegal work at district and ward level.

On his recent tour cross Tanzania, the Danish Ambassador Einar Hebogård Jensen visited KWIECO, and saw how the organisation is implementing a project called ‘Increasing Access and Capacity to Legal Aid Provision in six districts of Kilimanjaro region’. This project has trained 150 paralegals. The trained paralegals succeeded to resolve 9050 disputes out of 10470 disputes, saving their clients loads of money by holding the case out of court. Through legal education KWIECO reached 150,000 people in 3 years.


KWIECO's goal is a society were human rights are respected, as you can read from their nice banner.

DANIDA supports KWIECO through Legal Service Facility (LSF). LSF is a basket fund that provides grants for the promotion of legal aid with the aim of assisting individuals to claim their rights, redress grievance and protect fundamental human rights.

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