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Young Change-makers in Iringa

25.01.2016  14:30

Femina Hip helps young boys and girls get information about safe and positive sexuality, sexual and reproductive health and rights, gender equality, sustainable livelihoods and active citizenship, enabling them to form the life they want for themselves, and become drivers for change in their communities. In the middle of January 2016, the two employees from the Danish Embassy participated in a field visit to beautiful Iringa to learn more about the work, Femina Hip and local partners are caring out.

Femina Hip Field Visit

Beautiful, green Iringa on a rainy day.

Fema Clubs build confidence and raise awareness

Like in all other regions across Tanzania, Femina Hip is distributing their Fema Magazine to youth clubs – the so-called Fema Clubs – in Iringa. The Embassy staff had the pleasure of meeting the inspiring young people in two of these clubs. Both the boys in the Fema Club at Tosamaganga Secondary School, and the female Fema Clubbers at Iringa Girls Secondary felt that being part of a Fema Club had made them more confident and had helped them gain knowledge.

These inspiring young people are using the Fema Clubs both as a way to give back to their communities through volunteer work, and as a place to learn and engage with others. The clubs use Fema Magazines to discuss anything from relationships and gender equality to entrepreneurship and how they can reach their future dreams.

Reaching vulnerable youth

One thing is to reach those that are still in school. It is however, much more difficult to reach vulnerable young people that are no longer enrolled in the education system. To reach these out-of-schoolers, Femina Hip has allied itself with other organisations, such as Karibu Tanzania’s Folk Development Colleges (FDC’s). Femina Hip and Karibu Tanzania has managed to reach youngster out of school by establishing football clubs and artist groups. The FDCs offer a space for these young people to meet and talk about issues that are important to them. For the members of these clubs, the impact is clear: They are better able to solve conflicts, and the clubs give them a sense of community.

Femina Hip Field Visit

Young out-of-school boys explaining to an employee at that Embassy why being part of a football club is important for them

The FDCs also offers education to young mothers that were frown out of school because they got pregnant, allowing these young women to build a future for themselves and their children.

Though the Femina Hip's many engagements, the organisation is building a network of confident, young change-makers across Tanzania.

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