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Contact the Embassy

The Royal Danish Embassy in Dar es Salaam combines the holidays of Denmark and Tanzania.

Royal Danish Embassy Dar es Salaam

Ghana Avenue 1
P.O. Box 9171
Dar es Salaam

Telephone: +255 (22) 216 5200
Mobile: +255 (0) 784 558 885
Fax: +255 (22) 211 6433

General Office hours
Monday - Thursday 8-16
Friday 8-13

Consular Hours
Consular hours are Monday 10-12, Wednesday 10-12 and Friday 9-11

In case of an emergency outside office hours please call the Embassy of Denmark's main phone line and you will be redirected to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs 24/7 Operations Center.


The embassy is closed on the following days in 2018



Tanzanian holiday                              

Danish holiday          


1 January

New Year's Day


Thursday 29 March Maundy Thursday Skærtorsdag
Friday 30 March Good Friday Langfredag
Monday 1 April Easter Monday 2. Påskedag
Thursday 26 April  Union Day  


27 April Store Bededag
Friday  15 June Eid El-fitri  
 Wednesday 8 August Nanenane / Peasants Day  
Monday 24 December Christmas Day Juledag
Tuesday 25 December Boxing Day 2. Juledag


* Muslim holiday. The exact date depends on the sighting of the moon

The embassy remains open on the following holidays



Tanzanian holiday 

Danish holiday


12 January Znz Revolution Day


Thursday 7 April Karume Day


Friday 22 April St. Bededag
Tuesday 26 April Union Day


Thursday 5 May Kr. Himmelfartsdag
Monday 16 May 2. Pinsedag
Thursday and Friday 7-8 July Eid El Fitr* and Sabasaba


Tuesday 13 September Idd el Hajj*  


* Muslim holiday. The exact date depends on the sighting of the moon