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Capital: Dodoma

Area (land): 885,800 Km2 (Denmark 43.000 Km2)

Population: 50,757,459 (2014)

Population growth each year: 3.0 % (2014)

Ethnic groups:

  • Mainland: African 99 % (of which 95 % are bantu consisting of more than 130 tribes), other 1 % (consisting of Asian, European and Arab)
  • Zanzibar: Arab, African, mixed Arab and African

Languages: Kiswahili and English.


  • Mainland: 30 % Christian, 35 % Muslim, 35 % Indigenous beliefs
  • Zanzibar: More than 99 % Muslim

Time: GMT +3 (Denmark is GMT + 1 during winter time and GMT +2 during summer time)

Sources: The World Bank and the CIA World Factbook


GDP, current USD: USD 49.18 billion (2014)

GDP growth: 7.0 annual % (2014)

GNI per capita, Atlas Method, current USD: USD 930 (2014)

  • Level for middle-income economies is defined as those with a GNI per capita, calculated using the World Bank Atlas method, of more than USD 1,045 but less than USD 12,746 in 2014.

Inflation, consumer prices: 6.13 annual % (2014)

Danish bilateral aid to Tanzania, current DKK: DKK 397.32 million (2014)  

Danish inter-state trade, Current DDK: Tanzanian export to Denmark was DKK 409 million (goods represented DKKK 21 mill. and services DKK 388 mill.) Tanzanian import from Denmark was DKK 253 million (goods represented DKK 52 mill. and services DKK 201 mill.) (2014)

Currency: Tanzanian Shilling (TZS)

Rate: 1 DKK is approx. 325 TZS (September 2015)

Sources: The World Bank and the CIA World Factbook


Government type: Republic (Tanzania consists of the former Tanganyika and the semi-autonomous republic Zanzibar)

Head of state: President Jakaya Mrisho KIKWETE

Leader of government: Prime Minister Mizengo Kayanza Peter Pinda

Minister of Foreign Affairs & Intl. Cooperation: Bernard Kamillius Membe

Minister of Finance & Economic Affairs: William Augustao Mgimwa

President of Zanzibar: Ali Mohamed Shein

Sources: The World Bank and the CIA World Factbook

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