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Danish funded Trust have created +1,5 million jobs in Tanzania

25.04.2018  10:31

From 2002 to 2017 Private Argicultural Sector Support has been a crucial support for business entrepreneurs in Tanzania.


PASS: Number of Beneficiaries and Jobs Created 2002/3 -2017


Private Agricultural Sector Support (PASS) guarantees loans for business entrepreneurs. In 2017 PASS submitted 723 business plans to partner’s banks with values summing up to TZS 165.7 Billion.

From these Business plans 623 plans were approved with values summing up to TZS 122.7 Billion. This benefited 170.947 (47% being women) agribusiness entrepreneurs.

Different agricultural investments (e.g. crop production, inputs, mechanization, transportation) guaranteed by PASS has already yielded impressive results, with increased productivity in supported farming and ago-processing projects in coffee, tea, paddy, maize, sunflower, sugar cane, livestock, fishing and mechanization sub-sectors.

Through the support, 211,055 direct and indirect jobs have been created only in 2017.

The Danish Government has since the PASS’s founding funded the Trust and the Danish Ambassador in Tanzania, Einar H. Jensen, is pleased with the progress and impact of PASS’ work.

“I would like to thank you Private Agricultural Sector Support program for helping over 700.000 farmers in Tanzania from 2001 to 2017 and creating over +1 ½ million jobs via credit guarantees. The Danish Embassy is proud to support PASS alongside SIDA’’, said the Danish Ambassador of Tanzania.